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America Must Be Destroyed

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  • GWAR has gone thru many musical metamorphisis changes over the years; from punk, to metal, to thrash – and even experimenting with country and jazz.This is definitely their “heaviest” album. The hardest vocals, and the hardest music. Its also mixed to have a really heavy metal sound to it. For those of you that enjoyed their previous album, Scumdogs of the Universe, or just a person who wants to pick up a GWAR record, this album has your name written all over it.Its not a great summary of how GWAR is going to sound in the following years, but if you want to hear the heaviness GWAR is capable of, pick up this album (or “Violence Has Arrived”, which is said to be their heaviest metal album to date).Some highlights of this album are Crack on the Egg… this song focuses on the birth of the tyrant lizard ‘Gor Gor’, and how they ‘conceived’ it. Gor-Gor appears in many GWAR albums following, and finally comes to life in its own song. Have You Seen Me is a GWAR song best noted for the improvisation between Beefcake and Oderus in concerts – but its definitely not a song you want to blast in the car when driving down the road. The Morality Squad is another one of those “GWAR villian” songs. This time, squad leader Granbo (and her goons) want to shut down GWAR forever – why? Because they say GWAR is immoral, they claim GWAR corrupts youth. What do they know? Whats that Granbo…? Cant sing well with Oderus’ sword shoved down your throat? Whoops!As for the title track, its completely instrumental with snippets of political debates and other doodads inserted into the song. I cant say I can get in depth to what it means… I guess GWAR is rebelling against the government in this one (although I dont care… really I dont).Rock & Roll Never Felt So Good was the first GWAR song I heard, and it’s definitely one of the ugliest (but awesome) and most grotesque song that I can remember. Beware of the artwork for that song in the insert booklet, its vile)It appears theres a softer side to GWAR… in the song The Road Behind. Beefcake (Mike Bishop) sings on this song’s chorus. Why they let him sing… no one knows (this song isnt even about him anyway) but he does have a punkish gruffy voice. You’ll also hear Beefcake singing on the last track, Pussy Planet.Ham on the Bone (the first track… listed down here for unknown purposes) is a great song, but I dont know what its about and how it has significance to the album. Thats the same case with Gilded Lily, Poor Old Tom, and Blimey. They’re great songs… but I dont know what their meaning is, as most GWAR songs have meaning and storyline to them.

    Posted on March 4, 2010