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America Must Be Destroyed

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  • Seriously, us Gwar fans have to get off our lazy rears and start reviewing these albums! (This one in particular being their heaviest and coolest) I finally just stopped being lazy and signed up on Amazon and now I’m writing reviews. Why is this Gwar’s best? 3 Reasons people:
    1- It’s basically the heaviest, in-your-face album of theirs next to Vha (which I haven’t heard)
    2- It’s arguably their funniest album as well as being the most intelligent (examples Have you Seen Me? and the nicely crafted title track instrumental)
    3- Gwar really shows their potential as excellent musicians. Balsac shreds on the axe, Beefcake tears up the bass, Oderus has killer vocals on here (and a variety of them too), and Jizmak brings serious drums.

    Oh wait I just thought of another reason, the album art!!!! You just have to see some of the drawings inside the insert, especially for Rock and Roll Never felt So Good (yeah as other reviewers have said, it’s indeed sick). It definitely makes actually purchasing the album worthwhile.

    Now I’ll try a feeble attempt at rating my favorite songs:

    Ham on the Bone 10/10 An INTENSE, short but sweet opening track. (…) The song is kind of grindcore-esque.

    Crack in the Egg 9/10 A nice track telling how Oderus and the gang artificially enhance the egg of a Godzilla-type lizard with injected crack and such.

    Gor-gor 9/10 Of course the next track tells of the havoc and mayhem that the newly conceived tyrant lizard creates. With Oderus yelling out ‘GOR-GOR!!!’ this is the epitome of a solid Gwar anthem.

    Have you seen me? 9/10 John Walsh, creator of America’s Most Wanted would certainly NOT find this song funny. Well that’s Gwar for y’all, vile, unscrupulous, un-PC. Has a jazzy tune to it actually, pretty cool. It rocks hard toward the end though.

    Morality Squad 10/10 I love how these guys poke fun of the uber-PC losers that try and suppress the essence of Gwar. One of their most meaningful songs in their entire catalogue I’d say.

    Last but not least, the ultimate ballad, “The Road Behind” 100/10
    I just love this one, this is the first Gwar song I heard (when they showed the video on Beavis and Butthead) and I was like, “Dude I have to check this guys out!” So glad I did too since I discovered a band oozing with creativity and individuality. Ya just won’t find a band like this anywhere else. If you like this I urge you to check out This Toilet Earth, Scumdogs, Ragnarok, and I hear VHA and War Party are sweet too.

    Posted on March 4, 2010