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American Made Music to Strip By

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  • The gathering of three Industrial Rock powerhouses – Rob Zombie, Rammstein & Charlie Clouser (from NIN fame) – might produce what? More Industrial Rock?

    No. Actually, british techno/electronica stylings are written all over these tracks. For example:

    Track #1 (Dragula) is Big Beat meats Rob Zombie; sort of a heavier version of the Prodigy (“Firestarter” comes to mind). A slightly modified version of this track appeared on the “Matrix” soundtrack.

    Track #3 (How to Make a Monster) is Big Beat again; this time around, it has a more hip-hopish, Chemical Brothers feel to it.

    Track #7 (The Ballad of Ressurrection Joe) sounds like trip-hop to me ears.

    Track #8 (What Lurks on Channel X?) has shades of the Prodigy’s “Smack my Bitch Up”, starting when the verse kicks in.

    Track #11 (Superbeast, mix #2) is an interesting drum n’ bass version of this song. Actually, I prefer it than the original version. No wonder that’s the version used on the “Superbeast” video.

    Posted on December 7, 2009