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American Made Music to Strip By

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  • Better or worse than original song?: 1. Dragula Mix: Better. The dragging lyrics are awesome for Dragula. 2.Superbeast Mix: Better. The techno adds a wonderful beat. 3.How To Make A Monster Mix: AWESOME!!! This remix is so much better than the slow paced original version. 4.Living Dead Girl Mix: Good. The beat stays much better than the original. 5.Spookshow Baby Mix: GREAT! Rammstein is awesome for this mix. 6.Demonoid Phenomenon Mix: Worse. People like the old metal better. 7.Resurrection of… Mix: Ok. The old one is still better in ways. 8.What Lurks on Channel X Mix: Awful. One of the worst tracks. Not catchy in anyway at all. 9.Meet the Creeper Mix (1):Ok. Remix gets old quick. 10.Return of the… Mix: Worse. The old one was so much longer and better. 11.Superbeast (2) Mix: Ok. Clouser has better remixes. 12. Meet the Creeper (2) Mix: Good. It;s fun to listen to as the last track. Overall, Zombie gets four stars. I minused a star because there is no new material.

    Posted on December 7, 2009