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Among the Living

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  • As the above, editorial review notes, Metallica and Slayer invented thrash, but Anthrax are just as innovative, because they brought it to the east coast and added some punk touches/flavor to it. Plus, Joey Belladonna and Co. practically invented (or popularized) shout-along refrains. (Most every track on here has a shout along.) “Among the Living” is an “adrenaline pumping” album with exciting and contagious songs, which are full to the brim with circular, buzzsaw riffs, fast, thumping drums, beeping bass notes, catchy shout along choruses, energetic beats, and winding guitar solos. Plus, Joey chooses to actually sing (in addition to shout) in several places. Thus, songs like “I Am The Law” and “Indians” have a melodic edge, and show that Joey can really hold a note well. Other highlights include the album opening title track, “Caught In A Mosh,” the slower “A Skeleton In The Closet,” “One World” (which has a whiplash tempo change near the beginning), and, of course, my personal favorite “Efilnikcufecin (N.F.L.).” The bottom line is this is doubtlessly the best, catchiest, and most contagious album Anthrax ever released. It’s absolutely essential for 1980’s thrash fans, and I also recommend starting here if you’re new to this band.

    Posted on December 7, 2009