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Among the Living

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  • Ok I’m pretty annoyed right now ya know why? Well I just came from picking up my dumb sister from soccer practice and she saw this cd in the car and is like, “there’s only 9 songs? That’s stupid, you got ripped off man” My reply, “well how many songs should there be huh?” Her- “Man dey gotta have like 20 or sumpin, any less den dat is a waste of money”.

    My point to this little story is to show how damn ignorant youth is today and why music sucks big d*ck these days. Albums today have way too much filler, they emphasize QUANTITY over QUALITY *ahem* FIDDY cent *cough*. Tsk tsk tsk, maybe one day she’ll learn.

    So that motivated me to write this review for one of my favorite albums to try and show everyone why these “mere 9 songs” effin’ rule and is worth every penny of the price.

    Anthrax is probably the most underrated band of the ‘big 4 of thrash’ which is a damn shame since these guys have something the others dont- Joey Belladonna, one of my favorite metal singers of all time, he is like the Bruce Dickinson of thrash and we all know how much he rules.

    Among the Living 10/10 The album starts off with the title track which has some killer, almost ‘blast beat’ style drumming in it. It’s about Randall Flagg, a recurring villain in many of Stephen Kings novels. I might even read it thanks to Anthrax!

    5000/10 – Caught in a Mosh is perhaps the greatest mosh anthem EVER! Seriously, this song gets me so pumped up when I hear it and usually can’t resist going into a one-man mosh pit! Not possible you say? HAH, I beg to differ. Ya might get injured in the process but its worth it, it’s like bringing the action of the concert right to your house!!

    10/10 I Am the Law – A tribute song to one of the coolest and underrated comic heroes ever, Judge Dredd. I’ve read some of the comics and the lyrics are pretty damn accurate, they do an outstanding job bringing his story to life.

    10/10 N.F.L. – No this aint about football, I believe it’s actually about comedian/actor John Belushi and how he threw his life away due to drugs, etc. It’s sad man, RIP John!!

    10/10 Skeletons in the Closet- Another song about a King novel, this time “Apt Pupil”. This one has the best of Anthrax’s killer shout-out background vocals, which one of my favorite things about this band. Musically this one does get kind of repetitive but it’s still a grade-A headbanger.

    20/10 Indians- Wow, if this song doesn’t remind you of Iron Maiden then you must be listening Atreyu and other poseur metal. Seriously, this reminds me of a thrash version of ‘Run To the Hills’ and basically just as good. Instead of Maiden’s lyrics of the violent aspect of the Native American’s plight, Anthrax opt to focus on the social aspect and how they are treated like dirt then and today. One of the best Anthrax tunes out there, period. OH I ALMOST FORGOT, you’ll just have to love when they yell out WAAAARDAANCE!!!!

    One World 9/10 Anthrax once again becomes social commentators. The lyrical theme is the old notion of ‘can’t we all just f**kin’ get along?”

    ADI/Horror of it All 9/10 Starts out with a soft melodic intro that we’re familiar with thanks to Metallica and proceeds into a SOLID thrasher baby! That reminds me, Anthrax is probably the most positive metal band ever which is good since metal needs that sometimes so we don’t always get accused of being negative Satanists and bullcrap like that. Longest song on the album by the way.

    Imitation of Life 9/10 I love the lyrics to this song, “There’s nothing I hate more than all these plastic people and all their plastic people, they just cant be themselves…” I think all us metalheads can agree with that huh? Killer song people with some crazy vocals.

    Yeah I didn’t really comment on specifics musically because I thought all members of the band SHRED on all the tracks. Scott Ian tears it up on rhythm guitar, Dan Spitz can play some hard-@$$ riffs as shown on this album, Charlie Benante is a very underrated drummer who really showcases his skills especially on the first several tracks, and of course Joey, like I said before is the best thrash vocalist ever IMHO.

    However, I’d like to mention that this album does get some criticism from metal fans for being to punkish or perhaps sounding a little similar among the songs. Just thought I’d be fair and say what the other side thinks too even though I’m a HUGE fan of this album.

    Well there you have it, one of my favorite metal albums even ranking in my personal top 10 among the likes of MOP, Powerslave, Ride the Lightning, and Holy Diver, yep I think it’s that good dude. Ideally you should like this if you’re a thrash fan and a big Maiden fan (like myself). So go buy this, Spreading the Disease, the other thrash classics, Maiden’s first 7 albums, Priest, etc for REAL METAL!!!!! Thats what I think, if you dont like it then pfffft I dont really care. Later.

    Posted on December 7, 2009