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Amplified: A Decade of Reinventing the Cello

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  • Though I buy Apocalyptica for only about half of their songs, the one’s I DO like are among my favorites of all time, and I very much appreciate the band’s overall originality.
    On this ‘Best of’ album there should be something for every Apoc. fan.

    If you enjoy Apocalyptica’s original sound, there’s:
    -Enter Sandman
    -Master of Puppets

    If you go for their more symphonic sound (as I do), there’s:
    -Nothing Else Matters
    -Somewhere Around Nothing

    And if you keep them around for the really hard stuff, there’s:
    -Hall of the Mountain King
    -Angel of Death

    On top of the well-rounded and awesome main attraction there is the second disk with eight tracks (none are repeats from disk 1) that include vocals by various artists (sadly I’m not familiar with any of them, but since they’re collaborating with Apoc I’m sure they’re top-notch). These stray quite a bit from the band’s roots but are nonetheless a blast.
    Hope Vol.2 is by far my favorite.

    Posted on January 3, 2010