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  • I have had this album for a while now but I just decided to write a review on it. I was happy that CKY had a new album out, so I bought it. It was awesome. There are a lot of guitar solos on this album, which is good in a way. I enjoy almost every track on this album.

    1. Suddenly Tragic: 5/5. This song is very catchy, and the solo is pretty cool.

    2. The Way You Lived: 3/5. This is pretty catchy, but it’s also quite slow. But it’s still okay.

    3. Dressed in Decay: 5/5. I like this song a lot. I didn’t really like it unitl I actually took the time to listen to it.

    4. Familiar Realm: 5/5. This was the first single off of this album. It’s very good, catchy, and I think some people can relate to the lyrics.

    5. All Power To Slaves: 5/5. This is one of the best songs on the album. I love the solo. The whole song is really catchy.

    6. Tripled Manic State: 5/5. This song is also one of my favorites on the album. It is so catchy and what makes it different from other songs is that the verses are fast and the chorus is slow. Usually a verse is slower than the chorus. But whatever. It’s a great song.

    7. Behind the Screams: 5/5. This is a classical style melody with no drums or anything. It is all instrumental. This is very peaceful and relaxing.

    8. Deceit is Striking Gold: 4/5. I like the intro to this song. The intro sounds familiar but I don’t remember where I heard it before. But it’s a great song.

    9. As the Tables Turn: 4/5. This song is awesome. I didn’t really appreciate it until I heard it from start to finish. My only complaint is that the guitar solo doesn’t really fit the rest of the song.

    10. Sniped: 2/5. This is by far the heaviest song on the entire album. I had no idea what Deron was growling. But I guess it’s okay if you like heavier stuff.

    11. Don’t Hold Your Breath: 3/5. This is a nice slow song. It’s no “Close Yet Far”, but I still like it.

    So, buy this album because it is one of CKY’s best.

    Posted on February 23, 2010