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  • As a loyalist to cKy and a member of the Ă…lliance, I’m imposed to be biased. So what. This IS the rock album of the year. What the unistar graders don’t have is a concept of music. POP music will fade… cky is not POP. They are eternal. And Vern only recorded on I.D.R. Before that, Chad and Deron did bass, as they did on this album. Idiot. And the riffs are kind of common, but not really. “All Power to Slaves” is (from what I’ve heard), the sequel to “Escape from Hellview” (sequel to “96 Quite Bitter Beings”). And from listening to APtS, You kind of get a nostalgic felling of “96QBB” and “Escape”. Plus, cKy is ever changing. Just go from “Volume 1″ to “Answer”. They keep changing just so slightly, but still staying cKy. This is why I say the best is here and yet to come. Because when you hear cKy, you should think improving perfection.

    Oh, and by the way, “Force.Change.Now” is meant for people to open their minds and stop being conformists. Not “Let us on MTV because we’re rebels.” Maybe you nay-sayers should take this theory to heart…

    Posted on February 23, 2010