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  • this cd was one of the greatest cds that i’ve heard in a long time. i believe that cKy is one of the best bands today in their genre. they are able to improve on their cds every time, they will not allow sloppyness from themselves and put it out onto a cd. also, they play music because of their love for music, they dont play just for the money. here is my view of the songs

    suddenly tragic – probably the best rock song on the cd, its a really good opening song to a cd, catchy, but cant compare to 96 quite bitter beings

    the way you lived – kinda a slow song, very well set up, not my favorite on the cd, but i listen to it everytime

    dressed in decay – very catchy chorus guitar and drums, this song is a very good song about not being a anorexic or bulemic person,lol

    familiar realm – the first single off of the cd, very great song that everyone will like, its one of my favorite on the cd

    all power to slaves – very catchy music to it,decent lyrics, an overall good song

    triple manic state – probably tied for my favorite with suddenly tragic, very catchy opening, the best solo on the cd, its the 2nd most metal song on their cd i think, next to sniped

    behind the screams – this is a great song to show how well of a guitar player chad and deron are, dont know who pay this though, its an instrumental on an acoustic with not bass or drums, this is really good guitar work

    deciet is striking gold – catchy title, more like old school cKy, the music flows very well with the lyrics

    as the tables turn – an average song, kinda slows down in the middle, not my favorite, but i like it

    sniped – the most metal song on the cd, the lyrics and the music at the chorus are really cool and flow really well, somethimes i cant understand the lyrics, but i really like the song

    dont hold your breath – the last song on the cd, similar pace as close yet far, really grat slow song, even though the lyrics are kinda sad about ditiching some one you love, lol. this song is really great ender to the cd.

    this is the best cKy cd in my opinion, i like it a lot, you wont be disappointed buy buying this cd. it’s a change from IDR but that’s a good thing, you don’t want the pretty much same cd over again

    Posted on February 23, 2010