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An Education in Rebellion

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  • The Union Underground proves to be a pretty good band. I first heard the cd when a friend lent it to me. Much to my surprise i found the music quite enjoyable. Mind you, don’t go into this cd thinking you are going to hear the most original sounds as their music is reminiscent of Alice in Chains, Manson, Metallica, Pantera, and even Bush, but overall this is a decent effort. I found i could not resist headbanging to Natural High and South Texas Deathride. Drivel is a decent track with a good rythym. Turn Me On “Mr. Deadman” reminded me of Manson a tad, but is original enough to pick up on itself. You begin to discover that these guys have a big chance at the bigtime when you hear Killing the Fly and Revolution Man, which are the album’s high point (although Trip With Jesus plays with the prospect for a while). Heavy enough for metal maniacs, melodic enough for those looking for something not so hard, and definitely a fine effort for a first release. If Union Underground gets there sound down like they do in Revolution Man then they’ll start cranking out near perfect albums. Looking for a new band that you can follow as they mature? this is probably a great start. You got a few bucks to spare? Buy this, its not heavy on the wallet and you’ll find yourself giving it a few listens and growing to the sound.

    Posted on November 20, 2009