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An Ocean Between Us

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  • All I did was unwrap the new As I Lay Dying cd and next thing I know, Tim Lambesis and co. came out of nowhere and kicked my a$$! Seriously, this new disc is up there with the new releases from Darkest Hour, Throwdown, and Pig Destroyer to make a bevy absolute must own discs from this year.

    The new album features the syncopated rythyms we all expect from AILD, the breakdowns are aplenty, the vocals have moved (gracefully) into a more hardcore-laced metal growl which works well. Some new things, more cleanly sung melodic vocals. These do not sound out of place at all nor are they forced. The album is full of heart-felt melody over metal chaos and I say it is about time. We also have a full-on AILD power ballad in the track I Never Wanted. To all, I say pick this up. It is heavy. It is emotional. It is As I Lay Dying’s finest hour. (thus far) Bravo.

    Posted on December 8, 2009