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An Ocean Between Us

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  • i got into this band back in 2004 and was obviously blown away. eagerly awaiting for “shadows are security” when i caught word that they were writing material for the next album and again i was in awe. everything about this band is top notch. inciteful lyrics, stellar musicianship, high energy rythyms and heart felt melodicsm.. as i lay dying in a nutshell. now you have to give credit where it’s due, i hate it when i hear some reviewer saying nothing but terrible things about this band because they’re all christians. that’s just being narrow minded and ignorant.
    now with that being said “an ocean between us” raises the bar again. they’ve obviously changed their sound but kept their signature elements. the vocals are more discernable and there are more sung vocals too with out sounding like your generic “metalcore” wannabe band currently out there ripping off every good riff from as i lay dying. this time around there’s even a ballad type song on this disc and it just proves that whatever this band wants to do it can and make it sound so incredibly good.
    if you’re into extreeeeeeeme music this is a must have.

    Posted on December 8, 2009