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An Ocean Between Us

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  • I have no qualifications for reviewing this album as a musical expert or critic. I can, however, tell you what I think as a long-time lover of metal and rock. I first came across AILD through their video “The Darkest Nights,” went out and bought “Shadows Are Security”–and was blown away! Not only do these guys bring high energy to their hard-edged sound, they add melodic vocals and chord changes.

    “An Ocean Between Us” is just as good as the previous album. It doesn’t have the rawness that pervaded “Frail Words Collapse,” yet the relentless onslaught remains. The lyrics, as always, are thought-provoking, full of symbolism, and the music has some new things while not deviating too far from their established sound. I still haven’t decided if this is better than SAS, but it hasn’t worn out yet. I’m still listening, still discovering new things, still loving AILD.

    If you’re a fan, this is some good stuff. If you’re just getting introduced, AOBU is a great place to begin.

    Posted on December 9, 2009