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Ancient Dreams

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  • Candlemass are without a doubt one of the most important doom metal bands in the world. Ever since their incredible debut Epicus Doomicus Metallicus they’ve gone a long way paving the way for other bands. They’re among the founders of modern doom metal and while I enjoy each and every Candlemass record I consider the first 4 absolutely essential.Ancient Dreams is the second album with doom metal vocal god Messiah Marcolin and the third Candlemass album. It picks up where the classic Nightfall left off. Leif Edling’s songwriting and bass playing is at its best and Marcolin’s voice is simply incredible. The guitar solos are brilliant. It is hard to believe this was released back in 1988 when almost everyone was into glam, hard rock or thrash metal. I appreciate and respect Candlemass for their courage to stand up for themselves and make the music they believed in even though they knew it would never sell millions. That is why they have lasted all these years and are considered fathers of doom. They always remained true to their roots be it with Marcolin, Vikstrom or Flodkvist. My personal favourites off this record are “Cry from the Crypt”, “Darkness In Paradise”, the title song, and “Bells of Acheron”. There’s not a single filler on Ancient Dreams though.You might also want to check out Memory Garden, Solitude Aeturnus, Abstrakt Algebra and some other bands.

    Posted on February 15, 2010