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Ancient Dreams

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  • Candlemass is an interesting band. Ancient Dreams is the third full-length album from this Swedish group. Originally released in 1988, this is a remastered edition with a bonus disc of material. What makes Candlemass remarkable is singer Messiah Marcolin. This one-of-a-kind singer vocalizes in an operatic style–I like his vibrato, too. Candlemass reminds me of Black Sabbath. They sound like a cross between hard rock and metal. Most of the songs on Ancient Dreams are slow in tempo–nine tracks are included. I also like the gothic-sounding atmosphere of this album. The composition that I favor the most would be “Mirror Mirror.” Candlemass shines on this well-constructed, memorable piece; in addition, the main guitar riff is nicely crafted and indelible. Another cut that I like is “A Cry from the Crypt.” “A Cry from the Crypt” sports a pleasing, principal guitar riff. “Black Sabbath Medley” is also an enjoyable track. The disc is just over 58 minutes. As for the bonus disc of material, it contains live tracks, an audio interview, and a video of “Mirror Mirror.” A nice job was done with the CD booklet. Bass guitarist Leif Edling provides commentary on all of the material that is on the two discs. Plus, the song lyrics are included along with color and black-and-white photos of the group. Ancient Dreams gets the job done.

    Posted on February 16, 2010