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And All That Could Have Been

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  • THE SOUND QUALITY…is incredible. It sounds as good as a studio recording. And the audience is there in the mix, but ever so subtley… the cheering doesn’t overpower the music. And the volume is so wonderful… i usually keep my headphones on level #9… with this CD, i have to keep it down on 6 or 7 as to not deafen myself. I’ve never heard such a good live recording… even other licensed ones put out by the artists themselves.THE VARIATIONS ON THE MUSIC…is wonderful. His inflections, his emotions, are clearly visible. It doesn’t sound like a live version of the studio albums, but rather has an improvised feel – it sounds raw… but perfect.THE ENERGY…is out of this world. The crowd, the music, the vocals… everything is just so powerful. That’s really the only way to describe this.This is so far my favorite CD of 2002… and i don’t see another one surpassing it for a while. Any NIN fan must have this… or it would be an awesome way to discover the band.

    Posted on December 3, 2009