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And All That Could Have Been

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  • “And All That Could Have Been” is a live album from NIN’s 2000 Fragility Tour. I’m not usually big on live albums, but this one is awesome. The sound is absolutely masterful, as if you’re right up on stage in front of Trent and his touring band.

    As for the songs, there’s a nice mix. Of course, you have the obligatory favorites like “Closer”, “Head Like a Hole”, and “Hurt”, all of which sound at least as good as the originals.

    “March of the Pigs” is as intense as ever, and “Piggy” is as omnious and creepy as ever. Then, there’s a selection of songs from “The Fragile” of course, including the epic, powerful “The Wretched”, the heart wrenching ballad “The Great Below”, the slow building “The Day the World Went Away”, and a killer extended version of the instrumental “The Mark Has Been Made”.

    My favorites are “Terrible Lie”, “Sin”, and “Suck”, three of Trent’s earlier songs. On their respective albums, they were good songs marred slightly by dated production. However, in this live setting, they really come to life, sounding much more powerful and intense than the studio versions.

    Let me also recommend, try to get ahold of the companion EP to this titled “Still” (as opposed to “Live”). It features some new songs as well as stripped down versions of some NIN classics.

    Posted on December 3, 2009