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...And Justice for All

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  • This is without a doubt (in my opinion) not only the best Metallica album in existence, but It is the best metal album in existence.BLACKENED- Like previous first Metallica tracks, it slowly builds into absolute mayhem as James screams anti-war lyrics. Lars stays busy, and really shines on this song. This is my favorite Metallica song of all time.AND JUSTICE FOR ALL- This is by far one of the most sophisticated, intricate, and complex metal songs ever. Clocking in at over nine minutes, this song takes you on the ride of your life, and when its finally over, you are left, shocked at what you just heard. You cannot count the changes in pace/tone on one hand in this song. This is definately a song that Kirk shines on.EYE OF THE BEHOLDER- Another awesome song with some great lyrics. “You can do it your own way, as long as its done just how i say.” ONE- The first Metallica song with a video made for it. Also one of their best songs of all time. Goes from semi-ballad like to all out headbanging thrash metal. In the last few minutes you cannot help but headbang.SHORTEST STRAW- Great overall song with some awesome riffs and drum kicks. The chorus fits perfectly into the tone/atmosphere that the song creates.HARVESTER OF SORROW- Slower, more violent song about how people who are abused as children sometimes bring that abuse to the generation following theres. One of my favorite songs on the album.FRAYED ENDS OF SANITY- Great headbanging song, you will headbang, just because the rhythm of the song begs you to. Great all around song with awesome riffs and great vocals.TO LIVE IS TO DIE- This song is an ode to Metallica’s late bassist Cliff Burton. Though its an instrumental, its incredibly heavy and works into a heavy ballad style song.DYERS EVE- This song and BLACKENED are the fastest songs on the album. Lars shows what he’s made of in this song, and you can’t help but give him props for being able to play drums as fast as he does on this song. The song is about parents to dictate to their children, and do not offer encouragement.IF YOU DO NOT HAVE THIS ALBUM, BUY IT!!!!!!!!!!!

    Posted on February 21, 2010