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...And Justice for All

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  • ..And Justice For All, in my opinion, is Metallica’s best album. Though horrbily produced, this album is one of the fews cd’s on the market in which EVERY track is enjoyable. I listen to this album everyday and i am still not sick of it. My only complaint with this album is i can’t hear any bass. The Drums also sound like Lars is playing over the telephone…Tracks:1. Blackened: GREAT song! very fast throughout the entire song…amazing riffs…awesome Lyrics similar to “Fight Fire With Fire” (Ride the Lighting). Great intro as well.2. …And Justice For All: Amazing song. Although VERY long, i still listen to the song entirely. The intro is awesome and the lyrics discuss the Amercian court system and its many cracks. A bit repetitive, but still Execellent3. Eye of the Beholder: Good song. The riffs are arranged very well and the drums are great. This is the song i listen to the least, but i still like it.4. One: How the hell can a Metallica fan not love this song? in a word or two: UNBEILEVELY GREAT! The most famous song on the album. Starts out slow but ends in machine gun- like guitar riffs.5. The Shortest Straw: VERY good song. Fast the entiire way. Awesome riffs and the solo is great. If produced better, this song would proabably be the best sounding track Metallica has ever recorded.6. Harvester of Sorrow: Great Song. Best intro of the cd. Lyrcisc are great and the guitars are amazing7. The Frayed Ends of Sanity: Probably the best title for a song I’ve heard. GREAT SONG. Amazing riffs. The Best solo Kirk has ever done. Great ending.8. To Live Is To Die: OK. This song alone proves how GREAT Metallica is. This is my all-time favortie Metallica song. a 10 minute tribute to former bassist Cliff Burton (R.I.P) who died in a buss accident. I listen to this song EVERYDAY. Its amazing beyond description. The band’s sorrow is felt every second. My only complaint with this songs is that they never play it live. 9. Dyers Eve: Great closing track. Heavy the entire time. Great lyrcis and guitar riffs are lighting quick..Overall: I can’t say it enough: THIS IS THE BEST METALLICA ALBUM EVER! I you are a fan of Master of Puppets and earlier, you will love this album. Fans of new work like Load and Re-load will be in for a suprise…but this is a amazing album…That’s all that matters.

    Posted on February 21, 2010