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And Now... The Runaways

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  • The Runaways’ final effort is an interesting mix of different tastes and styles of music. Recorded in 1978, lead vocalist Joan Jett’s style had started to lean heavily towards punk, while powerhouse guitarist Lita Ford and drummer Sandy West had tastes which leaned towards Heavy Metal. This on top of some hints of New Wave music just beginning to come about at the time) makes for an interesting and often fun recording. Many of the songs here are covers, which is uncharacteristic for the band. However, the different musical directions of the band members coupled with constant attack from the press may contribute to the slight incoherency of style. My personal favorite track is “Black Leather”, written by Sex Pistols Steve Jones and Paul Cook, which is a great representation of the Punk Rock era. The Beatles “Eight Days a Week” is taken down to a rather drippy ballad, and “Mama Weer All Crazee Now” (often covered by various bands) is a fun, up tempo track. Bonuses on this CD, especially for Runaways fans, are solos from drummer Sandy West (“Right Now”, which I believe was released as a single in Japan-a great track) and Lita Ford’s first lead vocal “I’m a Million”. Though the bands’ chemistry is a bit off if this disc is compared to previous efforts of theirs’, it should be noted that they were in their late teen years and each hungry to come in to their own, which some were eventually able to do to greater commercial success. A cool purchase for those interested in early “riot grrl” music, and a must own for Runaways fans.

    Posted on January 25, 2010