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And Now... The Runaways

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  • And now…The Ruanways is the crowning jewel in The Runaways catalog. They were almost at the end of their career when this was recorded and it has a meloncholy feel to it. Its nowhere as in your face as their earlier albums. And now….The Runaways is somber, and like another reviewer stated, its relaxing. Saturday Night Special and Right Now should have been top ten hits for the band as they are extremely catchy with a hook you cant get out of your head. The guitar solo in Little Lost Girls is cool because it sounds like a cross between a synthisizer and a guiter. It reminds me a little of and old television shows theme song. Remember The Rockford Files???? Little Lost Girls reminds me of that opening theme song. When this album was first released it came out on vinyl as a picture disk and i still have it today and now i have the CD. And now…almost 30 years later i’m still listening to it.

    Posted on January 25, 2010