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...And the Circus Leaves Town

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  • I am a latercomer to Kyuss’s music, I found out about them after getting hooked on Queens of the Stone Age. I discovered that Josh Homme (Queens Singer/Guitarist) was also the man behind Kyuss so I checked them out…….and boy I am glad I did.There is a lot of debate among Kyuss fans as to which of their albums is the best, I personally love them all and find it hard to compare any of them. My favourite Kyuss song is ‘Gardenia’ off Sky Valley due to its incredible heaviness and groove.However, this album ‘And the circus leaves town..’ is a masterpiece. You can really see what direction Josh Homme was planning on taking after Kyuss as he introduced a lot more melody on this album.Their have also been mumblings on some reviews about the singer, John Garcia, I personally think his voice matches the songs perfectly and both music and vocals complement each other nicely.Standout songs on the album are ‘One Inch Man’ , ‘Tangy Zizzle’, ‘Size Queen’, ‘Catamaran’ and the incredible ‘Spaceship Landship’The latter of those is a monster of a track and is arguably one of the best hard rock songs of all time…….it simply rocks like a …!!There are also some really cool instrumentals and this album, in particular ‘Jumbo Blimp Jumbo’ which is shows off Josh’s amazing guitar ability.In fact that is the one thing that stands out in all of Kyuss’s albums, yes the drums are superb and the bass is f**king incredible but the guitar playing is out of this world and Josh really is a guitar god.If you are new to Kyuss I would get this album and ‘Sky Valley’ first and then work back to ‘Blues for the Red Sun’ and ‘Wretch’I have just added their ‘greatest hits’ album to my collection although it is mainly full of live tracks and rough cuts that didn’t make it on to their proper albums…..still worth a purchase though as anything Kyuss did was awesome.Don’t delay……buy today.And if you are into the whole desert/stoner rock thing then check out Karma to Burn and Queens of the Stone Age who are two of my favourite bands.

    Posted on December 4, 2009