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...And the Circus Leaves Town

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  • I beg to differ with most Kyuss fans on this one, in that this album rivals Sky Valley as a desert island pick. While Sky Valley is amazing, it sticks to one mood and one style, which are admittedly incredible, but only one facet of this band’s great sound. This album is Kyuss at their most diverse and eclectic. Josh Homme introduces an Arabic-style guitar sound here on “El Rodeo” and “One-Inch Man”, while “Catamaran” and “Phototropic” show a softer musical side, with some nice guitar work. Homme has to be the most underrated guitar player around. “Size Queen” shows them expanding within their sound. It’s hard to describe this track. Kinda funky, with a slow, reggae-type tempo, but with a much too choppy riff to describe as reggae. Like I said, indescribable. There’s some classic Kyuss rumbling bass on “Hurricane” and “Gloria Lewis” and the jam called “Spaceship Landing” is a fitting end. The song breaks off into 4 different parts that intertwine well, never deviating from it’s dynamic, but revealing a band that wasn’t afraid of using excess jamming to their utmost advantage. All in all, the band was much tighter on this album, drifting from the loose jammy style of Sky Valley. Both albums rule for different reasons. Most bands don’t even have ONE classic album that you can recommend, Kyuss has TWO. Their breakup is a mixed blessing, producing some great offspring in Unida, Slo-Burn and Queens of the Stone Age. You can see how the Queens sound developed from this album; it was like a guide to where Homme was headed. KYUSS, like The Stooges, will be recognized as a truly great band 20 years from now, when it’s too late. Consider yourself lucky if you knew them while they were around.

    Posted on December 4, 2009