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Angel Dust

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  • Faith No More isn’t Faith No More if it plays by the rules, so as a follow-up to the platinum hit The Real Thing, the band cooks up this minor art-rock classic, whose song topics and music are about as difficult as they come. It’s not even fair to categorize Faith No More as alternative rock — the term is too mainstream for *this* band.”Midlife Crisis” is the closest thing on this record to a “normal”-sounding song, normal being a relative term in Faith No More-land. A funky bassline, a menacing low-register verse rap, grand guitars and keyboards, and a twistily catchy chorus with Patton’s voice weaving in and out. “A Small Victory” is strange, the melodic keyboard strains at times almost reminding me of Berlin’s “Take My Breath Away” (? ), “R.V.” is an absolutely weird piano-based song, sounding like a jester thumbing his nose at you, and the end track, the “Theme from Midnight Cowboy”, comes out of nowhere, in character with the rest of the album.There are fewer moments of sheer exhilaration and instantly appealing songcraft on Angel Dust than on its predecessor, The Real Thing. But Angel Dust is still one of those albums you can never finish exploring, and come back to time after time.

    Posted on January 11, 2010