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  • While not as progged-out as _Nothingface_ or the follow-up _The Outer Limits_, one has to think that if Voivod is one of metal’s great undiscovered pleasures then this is their most underrated moment. This album is a masterpiece of colorful neo-psychadelic textures and magnificent musical economy. Songs like the majestic and cosmic “Clouds In My House”, the space-age “Nuage Fractal” and especially the stunning title track show Voivod approaching Rush through Pink Floyd’s eyes. Piggy’s (guitarist Denis D’Amour) riffing is simply masterful on this album and wholly original, retaining elements of Alex Lifeson, the glissando guitar of Steve Hillage and the jagged chording of Robert Fripp. Not to be outdone, drummer Michael Langevin kicks up a storm on “Best Regards” while Snake (lead vocalist Denis Belanger) turns in a suprisingly melodic and restrained performance, while leading a lyrical shift away from the typical “Adventures of the Voivod” style of writing; Hard-driving bassist Jean-Yves Theriault – despite leaving the band almost immediately after the album’s release and only getting a studio musician credit – still makes his presence felt on “The Golem.” Although the complexity of the songwriting has been toned down just a bit here there are still surprising twists and turns in each of the songs, perhaps most exhibited by the psychadelic interlude in “Twin Dummy”. Possibly stung by the poor commercial reception for this album, only the hard-driving “The Prow” still remains a live staple for the band today. Not enough bands make such thoughtful, textured music like this anymore. All in all, an excellent and unfortunately out-of-print album that is well worth hunting down.

    Posted on December 12, 2009