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Angel Rat

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  • A strange ecclectic album from canadian metal legends Voiviod. Think Pink Floyd meets a little metal here. This album was largely ignored/unknown as the band’s label support came out from under them (they only managed to play a few tour dates in canada to support this record).Lots of compression on the production side gives this album lofty feel and not as much of a metal edge as say Nothingface (and the earlier albums). You can feel yourself glide along the water on “The Prow”.. what a great tune. Piggy’s ethereal guitar work and Away’s MONSTER skin pounding dominate this album. The drum work is not just impressive it has purpose. Away builds varying rythyms during a couple of tunes.. startling. This album maintains a very specific feel to all the songs (the keyboard parts really add to the atmosphere). The only tune out of place is “None of the Above”…the lyrical content just doesnt fit with the rest of this stellar album. Away’s artwork on the CD/liner is brilliant as usual and really lends to the theme of the whole album. This is barely not a 5 star CD.. unique, inspired.. even after all these years.

    Posted on December 12, 2009