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Animal Magnetism

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  • Here is the breakdown of this kick-[...] Scorp album. If you like commercial rock, leave this CD alone as it is just a raw and powerful hard rock sampling.

    1) “Make It Real” – This is classic Klaus Meine.
    Rating: 5 stars

    2) “Don’t Make No Promises (Your Body Can’t Keep)”
    Rating: 5 stars

    3) “Hold Me Tight” – This song is OK. Not an awful song but pretty plain.
    Rating: 3 stars

    4) “Twentieth Century Man” – A cut above “Hold Me Tight” but not much
    Rating: 3.5 stars

    5) “Lady Starlight” – I like this one. It is a nice ballad that really digs into your soul. Klaus Meine’s vocals flow out and grab you and lets you feel the emotion. It is superb!
    Rating: 5 stars

    6) “Falling in Love” – This is a really nice ballad that rocks. It was very close to 5 stars. I think you will like it. I do!
    Rating: 4 stars

    7) “Only A Man” – This song starts out like it is going to be crap and then it picks up. This song is just average, not bad, but not great
    Rating: 3 stars
    8) “The Zoo” – This is the first Scorpion’s song that I ever heard. Of course, it was on the radio that I heard it. I told a friend of mine about the song (He had just moved back from Germany) and he said that the Scorpions rock and he had been listening to them in Germany for years. He then turned me on to songs like “Speedys Coming”, “He’s a woman, She’s a Man”, “Backstage Queen”, “Pictured Life”, “In Trance”, “Hell Cat”, “Dark Lady”, “The Sails Of Charon”, “Virgin Killer”, “Robot Man”, and “Steamrock Fever”. If you get a chance to buy these songs, do, definitely do. You won’t regret it.
    Rating: 5 stars

    9) “Animal Magnetism” – The guitar at the beginning of this song, draws you in, for lack of a better word, like a magnet. Then Klaus extends his vocals along with the incessant drumming and before you know it, you are there, in a climatic transe!
    Rating: 5 stars

    I hope my review helps!!!

    Posted on February 18, 2010 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • This is one of the Scorpions best overall CDs. The guitar riffs are classic and the guitar sound is hard and crisp. “The Zoo”, of course, is a standout with its slow crunchy riff and Klaus talking and whispering the verses as much as singing them. “Make it Real” is fast paced with another great riff that gets the CD started off perfectly. Every song will have you jamming along with it. “Lady Starlight” is a ballad which a lot of people seem to like but it doesn’t do anything for me. It’s the only song on the CD that I sometimes skip. If you’re a Scorpions fan, you have to have Animal Magnetism.

    Posted on February 18, 2010 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • “This was a very hard C.D. to find. But finally found it to replace the tape of the same name that was lost. I grew up in the “80’s”,& when a friend played one song called,”The Zoo”,I really loved that song right away,& then listening to the rest,which back then I didnt know who they were at 15, I loved this record!!! There are some songs from the C.D. that werent my fav’s, but enough to have to have it again. Make it real,Dont make no promises your body cant keep,Falling in Love,Only a man,The Zoo,Lady Starlight,I love those the most,they are really good “HEAVY METAL MUSIC”,the other 3 are not bad at all,(Hold me tight,20th century man,Animal Magnetism,are also good,but everyone has their fav’s. There are 9 tracks,& if Ive been looking for this, this long,then I think its worth every penny.The Scorpions do an excellent job ,the music is hard rocking metal as they are,the songs are unique,and I really love this C.D.,& Iam glad I finally found a copy. If you like “80’s” HARD ROCK,then The Scorpions,”Animal Magnetism”,wont be a disappointment!!!!

    Posted on February 18, 2010 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • Released in 1980, this is the first album to totally feature Matthias Jabs as the 2nd guitarist. This is a true classic heavymetal album! From the Hipgnosis cover of a woman kneeling in front of a man (who has a beer in one hand and his other hand in his back jeans pocket) you can pretty much guess that this is going to be an album about women kneeling in front of men, but it really is an album of songs in which the guy is made to kneel and grovel for the woman! Ahh, the Scorpions! Here are my ratings of the songs based out of 5 *****:
    Make It Real – A guitar rif opening which gives way to a chugging tempo. Some fine bass work from Francis and great guitar exchanges from Mathias and Rudolf. Tempo could almost be considered ballad style and Journey could do no better. A great postive tune about striving for your dreams! Lets hope its still in the live set. Rating – *****
    Don’t Make No Promises (Your Body Can’t Keep) – Starts out fast and furious and changes tempo when the lyrics start to a surging beat. A song about lust. Some terrific bass playing from Francis and as always great guitar solos. A terrific song. A classic metal tune. Rating – *****
    Hold Me Tight – A slow, churning guitar, drums, then bass opening. Klaus sings great on this one! I love his voice. Instantly recognizable. A bluesy feel to this song. Rating – ****
    Twentieth Century Man – A mid-tempo song with great lyrics by Klaus. I really like this song. Not your typical ‘I want sex, give it to me now’ song. “The world’s devoted to the Dollar-sign.” Not much has changed since then Klaus. rating – ****
    Lady Starlight – The ballad of the album. Klaus sure can sing these. What emotion and conviction he sings with! Who better to sing a ballad than Klaus? A song of longing and love with a fine string section accompianing Klaus. A terrific guitar solo from Rudolf – Rating – ****
    Falling In Love – This song recevied substantial air play during the early ’80s. A simple guitar intro gives way to a drum and bass pounding tempo. Some great guitar work on display. Klaus hits some of his highest notes on this song. A fantastic metal song, a true classic! Nearly perfect. Herman Rarebell wrote some of the greatest songs in the Scorpions catalogue, this is one of them! Rating – *****
    Only A Man – A Queen like opening of only Klaus singing without accompianment leads into one of the finest hardock songs done by the Scorpions. A surging guitar and bass tempo with Klaus singing “Now you now how I feel. Nothing is real.” As usual, you get great guitar solos. Classic song – Rating- *****
    The Zoo – This song also received alot of airplay during its time. A great guitar intro followed by drums which turn into a real slow, surging elephant pounding tempo. Heavy bass from Francis. A bluesy type song. More explosive guitar solos from the menacing axe duo of Rudolf and Mathias. The Peter Frampton “voice air-guitar” that was real popular in the 70’s is also heard on this song. A great hard rock song about sex – rating – *****
    Animal Magnetism – A hypnotic guitar and drum opening – sort of like “Kashmire” by Led Zep. Great singing by Klaus and guitar playing by the solo twins turns another inane song about sex into a fantastic hard rock tune. Only the Scorpions could have a whole album devoted to sex and make it a classic! Rating – ****
    The cover of the album insinuates sex and that is what this album delivers. A strong heavy metal album with sexual overtones and in your face ball wagging by the greatest sexmetal band ever! Overall,a classic metal album that should definitely be part of your collection!

    Posted on February 18, 2010 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • Got this album on cassette in the mail from RCA in the early 80’s and soon realized what a fine slab of metal I had bought. The production is very raw and the guitar riffs are the best of any Scorpions album. Make It Real, Falling In Love, The Zoo, and Only A Man rock hard. The title track is slow and hypnotizing. The sole ballad Lady Starlight contains some great Micheal Schenker style playing (hmmmmm?). Taken By Force, Blackout, Virgin Killer, and Love Drive should also be part of your collection!

    Posted on February 18, 2010 - Permalink - Buy Now