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Animal Magnetism

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  • “This was a very hard C.D. to find. But finally found it to replace the tape of the same name that was lost. I grew up in the “80’s”,& when a friend played one song called,”The Zoo”,I really loved that song right away,& then listening to the rest,which back then I didnt know who they were at 15, I loved this record!!! There are some songs from the C.D. that werent my fav’s, but enough to have to have it again. Make it real,Dont make no promises your body cant keep,Falling in Love,Only a man,The Zoo,Lady Starlight,I love those the most,they are really good “HEAVY METAL MUSIC”,the other 3 are not bad at all,(Hold me tight,20th century man,Animal Magnetism,are also good,but everyone has their fav’s. There are 9 tracks,& if Ive been looking for this, this long,then I think its worth every penny.The Scorpions do an excellent job ,the music is hard rocking metal as they are,the songs are unique,and I really love this C.D.,& Iam glad I finally found a copy. If you like “80’s” HARD ROCK,then The Scorpions,”Animal Magnetism”,wont be a disappointment!!!!

    Posted on February 18, 2010