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Animals as Leaders

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  • Mr. L.E.J. Fischer’s review is dead-on. I don’t wish to rehash what has been said, other than to add – do yourself a favor and pick this up; particularly if you are looking for a wonderfully fresh perspective on highly technical guitar work. Make no doubt, Tosin Abasi is pure monster, with a wholly unique and inspirational approach.

    To answer a below reviewer’s comment on the drum work; it is programmed by Misha Mansoor, polyrhythmic 7/8 string-weilding maven of DC-based Periphery fame. Though not listed in the liner notes, I am pretty sure he uses DFH (Drumkit From Hell, Tomas Haake sample library).

    This is an incredible piece of programming work, to say the least. The last time I was this impressed with percussion programming as a work of art was Meshuggah’s Catch-33. The mix here is superior to the infamous Catch-33 recording, however. The kick and rhythm guitar tracks absolutely leap off this disc, just begging to be cranked on a high-end system.

    Want. More. Now!

    Posted on December 29, 2009