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Animals as Leaders

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Animals as Leaders - Weightless Drum Cover (with drum solo) by Troy Wright

Drum Transcript: Website: This was my initial audition piece for Animals as Leaders. It was amazing to even be asked to audition let alone actually jam with Tosin Abasi while he was in Australia in early 2012. Although things didn't work out as I had Visa issues getting to the states in such a short amount of time to play on their first European tour it was a great experience. I played the drum part of this song as closely as I could, I wanted to play it with a bit more freedom (incorporating my own fills, feels etc in certain parts) as apposed to my other Drum Covers and especially the last Animals as Leaders film clip i did (Tempting Time) trying to play the piece exactly note for note. I also added a drum solo at 3:15 over a loop I made from the changing riff in the song. This was a lot of fun. I love this band!!! There are fun 5/8 parts to Weightless that give this song a broad range of dynamics and feel. During this new section I also introduce the last part of the song which is a 5 against 4 polyrhythm played on the guitar to make the transition smoother. I think with this addition of the new solo section it joins these last 2 sections of the song together nicely. Copyright notice: This is a Drum Cover of Weightless from Animals as Leaders 2011 release - Weightless and is the copyrighted property of its owner(s). Other Animals as Leaders covers: Animals as Leaders - Wave of Babies Drum Cover by Troy Wright: Animals as Leaders - Tempting Time Drum Cover by Troy Wright GEAR IN THIS VIDEO: For a full detailed description of what equipment I'm using go to: DRUMS: Pearl Reference Series in granite sparkle finish, Demon Drive Eliminators 22"x18" kick 14"X6.5" snare 12"x8" tom 16"x16" floor CYMBALS: Sabian (L to R) 10" Evolution Splash 15" Artisan Hats 20" Legacy Ride 8" HHX Splash 19" Paragon China under a 18"O-Zone Crash 22" Legacy Heavy Ride 18" Legacy Crash 19" AAX-treme China SKINS: CS Emperor on snare, Clear Emperors on toms, Powerstroke 3 on kick STICKS: TX757W -- Hickory 757 Ray Luzier wood tip new CASES: Hardcase CAMERAS: Canon Legria HFM31, GoPro, JVC SD (foot cam) *A special thanks to Brad Hosking from Blind Boy Studios


Animals as Leaders Live @ Bonnaroo 2014 (720p)

This is the first 22 minutes of one of the best sets at Bonnaroo this year...absolutely amazing. Perfect audio, so playing this on your full stereo and blast...

Luke Holland - Animals as Leaders - The Woven Web Drum Cover

Luke Holland, 21 years old! I'm from Peoria, Arizona. I had the privilege of jamming with Matt Garstka, and afterwards he dared me to cover this song! I love...

Animals As Leaders - "Odessa" (official stream)

Another new song from Animals As Leaders' latest album "Weightless," out now on Prosthetic Records.

Physical Education // Animals As Leaders // Guitar Cover

Zac Tiessen: 17 years old, 4 years playing, from ON, Canada "Courage" EP available on... Bandcamp: iTunes:

TOSIN ABASI - ANIMALS AS LEADERS Special Interview | Among Friends by PitCam.TV

Interview with Tosin Abasi from Animals As Leaders. Guitarplayers from other Bands ask guitar-technical questions. Featured Bands: 00:29 // AS BLOOD RUNS BLA...


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Animals As Leaders - "Isolated Incidents" (official stream)

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Animals as Leaders - Tempting Time - Matt Garstka

Animals as Leaders - Tempting Time - Matt Garstka. Filmed in San Francisco. Visit them at: Purchase "The Joy of Mot...

Animals As Leaders - Lippincott

Band: Animals As Leaders Song: Lippincott Album: The Joys of Motion Label: Sumerian Records (2014)