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Animals as Leaders

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Animals as Leaders - Tooth and Claw - DRUM COVER

So.... I've had to resort to doing vids with the electric kit now. This song in particular was a little challenging to get a good, realistic sounding take and not having many cymbals is annoying haha. The video is one take but I dropped in and re done the middle section as I wasn't happy with it ( slight camera angle change by accident), and put some pics in to fill time. Recently had the pleasure of meeting Matt Garstka and loaning him my kit for the AAL/Periphery NZ show. Dude is a huge inspiration with some mad chops, dominating the progressive drum scene right now. All sounds in this video are the factory roland sounds from the module, and yes there is a splash cymbal sound in the rim of tom1 and a china in the rim of tom 2. The ride cymbal also doubles as a trashy stack on the edge! Enjoy, rate or hate..... CHUR!!


Animals As Leaders ~ Full set ~ 3/27/14 on ROCK HARD LIVE From the Ass...

Animals as Leaders "Lippincott" At Guitar Center

Animals as Leaders joined us in the artist relations room at the Hollywood Guitar Center to share with us songs and stories. Be sure to check out the full An...

Luke Holland - Animals as Leaders - The Woven Web Drum Cover

Luke Holland, 21 years old! I'm from Peoria, Arizona. I had the privilege of jamming with Matt Garstka, and afterwards he dared me to cover this song! I love...

Animals as Leaders Live @ Bonnaroo 2014 (720p)

This is the first 22 minutes of one of the best sets at Bonnaroo this year...absolutely amazing. Perfect audio, so playing this on your full stereo and blast...

Animals As Leaders - The Woven Web (Live)

I DO NOT OWN THE RIGHTS TO ANY OF THE MUSIC IN THE VIDEO** Washed Up Media is proud to present a live video featuring Animals As Leaders. We had the privi...

Animals As Leaders - "Tempting Time" Piano Cover

My two piano arrangement of "Tempting Time" by Animals As Leaders. Thanks for stopping by to watch! This is a great piece by...

Animals As Leaders - "Isolated Incidents" (official stream)

The wait is over! This is an official stream of "Isolated Incidents" (in its entirety) from Animals As Leaders' new album "Weightless," out in November on Pr...

Animals As Leaders - "Odessa" (official stream)

Another new song from Animals As Leaders' latest album "Weightless," out now on Prosthetic Records.

Physical Education // Animals As Leaders // Guitar Cover

Zac Tiessen: 17 years old, 4 years playing, from ON, Canada "Courage" EP available on... Bandcamp: iTunes: