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Annihilation of the Wicked

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  • Nile goes with a more brutal songwriting approach this time around with AOTW.There isn’t as much egyption influence this time,but I consider that a good thing.Most of the songs are fast and technical as hell,bludgening the listener into a state of euphoria and your parents and other loved ones into a state of nausia.

    Their new drummer george is absolutely amazing.I didn’t think it was possible,but George’s performance here is even more intense than Tony’s on In their darkened shrines…if you can believe that.The only problem is that the mix is so guitar heavy that it’s hard to really hear what he’s doing sometimes.Karl and Dallas spend most of the time shredding you into oblivian or hitting you with riffs that weigh 3 tons,which rules..but it also makes this album less memorable as the last record.I think that was kinda the point though,as this is Nile’s most brutal and chaotic album.

    Overal,this is an excellent release.Extremely brutal and precise with great songwriting.Let’s face it..If they ever topped In their Darkened Shrines this probably would have been one of the greatest metal releases ever.Don’t worry kids,Nile Still rules.

    Posted on November 14, 2009