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Annihilation of the Wicked

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  • Relapse is home to some truly great and innovative bands such as Neurosis, Dillinger Escape Plan, Today is the Day, and of course Nile. This is my first encounter with Nile, the first CD i’ve bought of theirs. And i can tell you that it won’t be my last. Absolutely crushing Death Metal at it’s best is one way to describe Nile. But another way to describe them is to say that for most of the Death Metal bands out there, they are possibly one of the most interesting. Filled with lyrics that speak about all sorts of Egyptian culture, launching into hyper-fast drum rhythms and riffs which at times slow down to brutal headbanging riffs, vocals that put some other Death Metal vocalists to shame and of course some awesome solos as well..Nile aren’t just another ‘typical’ Death Metal band at all. In fact, they’re quite different and very awesome.

    The first track on this CD i expected to be an immediate blast of mega-fast drumbeats and shredding riffs..but no. It’s actually a 51 second Instrumental that gives you the feel of what Nile’s lyrical content is about. The track is pretty dark and ambient which then leads into, “Cast Down The Heretic”, which explodes onto your speakers. Starting at mega-fast speed, at about the halfway mark a great seemingly neverending solo begins, taking you on a pure Death Metal journey. “Cast Down The Heretic” is a great opener, giving you an idea of what you’re in for while still being unpredictable in it’s own way.

    Such songs on this great album as “User-Maat-Re”, the brutally awesome “Annihilation of the Wicked” and the final track “Von Unaussprechlichen Kulten”, all go above the 8 minute mark. Adding to all the intensity in Nile’s music is all of the excellent solos they incorporate into their songs. Some of the solos are just classic, and at times are played at mega-speed which just goes to show how talented Nile are. Providing heavy riffs on top of hyper-fast drumming, all the while producing some very memorable melodies that you’ll want to come back and listen to time and time again. This CD probably won’t leave your CD Player for at least a week, it’s that good. Also, this CD has some great art-work, and the lyrics are extremely long and pretty interesting for anyone interested in reading them.

    Overall, as i’ve said..this a brutal CD from start to finish. Although at times it dips into the Instrumental and even atmospheric, it always launches back into the trademark sound of crushing brutality that just leaves you in awe. My personal favorite song on here is “Annihilation of the Wicked”, but really every song is great. This is obviously recommended to all Nile fans, new or old, and also to Suffocation, Deicide, Cannibal Corpse and Vader fans as well. I think all fans of Death Metal will enjoy this release just as much as i have.

    Posted on November 14, 2009