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Annihilation of the Wicked

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  • This album is absolutely wicked. Blistering, brutal, cataclysmic metal. If you like your metal extreme, straight from the burning pits of fire and brimstone that can be located in the deepest recesses of Hades then you will love this.

    In addition, the Ancient Egyption themed lyrics makes for a far more cerebral piece of work than your usual “I want to drop her hot steaming entrails onto her toes and make love to the newly formed orifice I have made in her stomach” kind of lyrics to be found in other trashy, necrophylia laced, vomit inducing death metal lyrics.

    Each song is inspired by an historical event that occurred during the reign of the Pharoahs. Reading the narrative of the events in the liner notes and then listening to the song and the lyrics these events inspired makes for a thoroughly immersive experience. The empathy for these ancient people that I could conjure while listening to this CD was an enlivening and exciting experience.

    What I also found entertaining from a guitarist’s and composer’s perspective is the liner notes providing insight into the creative process that occurred during the writing and recording of this album. Listening to these chops after reading these notes provided me with a much richer appreciation of what was unfolding musically as it assaulted my ears.

    All in all, this means that you get much more than just a typical musical experience, a holistic, immersive, historical, sonic experience. Thoroughly recommended.

    Posted on November 14, 2009