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Annihilation Principle (CD & DVD)

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  • Laaz Rockit rules,this is more of a thrash album rather then speed metal like Know Your Enemy.This album rules,they do Holiday In Cambodia which is a cover song and it just rules by Laaz Rockit.Fire In The Hole starts the album off and the song is awesome and then to end the album is The Omen which is such a perfect ballad song,it’s kind of haunting.I suggest you find Annihilation Principle somewhere else where it’s cheaper,if not it’s worth paying that much for it.This album is different from City’s Gonna Burn and Know Your Enemy,it’s heavier and the singing is different.Please reissue all of Laaz Rockit’s albums.

    Song names in order.
    1.Fire In The Hole
    2.Mob Justice
    3.Chain Of Fools
    4.Shadow Company
    5.Holiday In Cambodia
    6.Bad Blood
    7.Chasin’ Charlie
    8.Mirror To Madness
    9.The Omen

    Members of the band.
    Wille Lange-Bass
    Michael Coons-Vocals
    Aaron Jellum-Guitar
    Phil Kettner-Guitar
    Victor Angello-Drums

    Posted on December 16, 2009