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Anno Domini High Definition

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  • Although Riverside bears some similarities to other bands in the progressive genre, they have managed to carve out a place that is unique – distinctly their own. They truly have a signature sound.

    This album pours out the usual ambient, psychedelic, and metal mixtures that capture your attention, and take you on a mental, imaginary journey of musical ecstasy for its brief length of 44 minutes (and 44 seconds).

    If any musician stands out in this album (they are all outstanding) it is the keyboard player who adds flavor after flavor, sound diversity and effects, who paints a musical picture that takes more than a thousand words to describe. The use of the Hammond organ adds a great feel to the songs, a 70’s recollection, yet perfectly new millennium at the same time.

    Passionate vocals with some intentional voice cracking, solid guitar – a cross of Gilmour and Petrucci, energetic drumming, creative basslines, even some horns, and absolutely perfect keyboard sounds/effects all add to a GREAT Riverside album. IMO, their best offering to date.

    I am completely impressed by this band’s consistent excellence. Do yourself a favor, buy this album, give it half a dozen spins (at least), and discover one of the most exciting bands to emerge on the music scene in a long time.

    Posted on March 4, 2010