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  • The GOD of classic rock guitar has returned and does it with passion and power. I am blown away by the talent and emotion put into this album. In a time where it’s about airplay, copies sold and sounding current, Ace has shown what he’s made of. He’s combined killer riffs, intense blistering solos and fantastic melodies into the best hard rock album in years. It is what rock and roll is supposed to be and most new artists cannot produce something like this. This is rock, not manufactured music. Listen to the raw power of SPACE BEAR, the instrumental brilliance of FRACTURED QUANTUM, and the genious of GENGHIS KHAN. Then you have balls out rockers: SISTER, PAIN IN THE NECK and FOXY AND FREE, along side the moving song A LITTLE BELOW THE ANGELS and the catchy fun cover of FOX ON THE RUN. It all comes together into a solid rock effort worthy of alot of praise. THIS IS HARD ROCK PRODUCED BY AN ARTIST WHO BELEIVES IN THE MUSIC. ACE, THANK YOU FOR THIS MASTERPIECE. AN INSTANT CLASSIC.

    Posted on November 19, 2009