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Another Perfect Day

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  • It was another perfect day, though there had been many changes happening the day-before. After the departure of guitarist Fast Eddie Clark, Lemmy recruited Brian ‘Robbo’ Robertson who made his name with Thin Lizzy at the end of the ’70s.If you are familiar with some M’head albums, it will surely astonish you at first, like it did that to me. It takes a while to appreciate it, cause it’s more abstract, more elaborated than anything M’head created before and since then. Not as if it wasn’t direct like all works in the manner of the trademark M’head style of Rock’n'Roll, no, the songs are 3 and 4 minutes long blasts to the ears as usually. But the speciality of this album is the way how the artistic, virtuoso, sometimes bizarr playing style of the Scotch guitarist is laid upon the raw’n'rough bass of Lemmy and the simple’n'wild drumming of Philthy Animal Taylor. Robbo is a really unique guitarist, he created some solos, some passages that leave the listeners with jaws on the floor and with their ringings in the ears. This is an extravagant album in its kind although it’s not so hit-like as the CDs of the previous era. And the cover features one of the best-ever Petagno paintings, ‘the Motörhead melting in lava’ or something like that.. The beginning is in the pattern of the previous two records – a poundering bass strikes in, but as the guitar sounds, one can immediately hear it’s something different. I would point up the fast rhythm’n'blues of ‘Shine’ (the most lasting live favourite off this album); ‘Dancing On Your Grave’ with its magnificient arpeggios and solos; the hard-drivin’ title track yet full of subtle and sensual guitar playing. ‘Marching off to War’ is the first serious piece on war themes, about which Lemmy later created such masterpieces like ‘Deaf Forever’, ‘1916′, ‘Death or Glory’ or ‘Voices from the War’. The final track, ‘Die You Bastard’ is one of my favourites with its cruel riffs, yet prefaced with an unusual intro. And finally the odd-one-out: the 6-minutes long ‘One Track Mind’ is one of the longest songs of M’head – a heavy, thundering blues. Here Robbo offers us two incredible solos which – especially the one minute long blistering at the end – are among the greatest guitar solos on Earth.Finally this line-up and this record proved to be a temporary adventure. Robbo had to go, which was explained by that he had behaved like a guest musician, not willing even to play some older hits. Imo it’s a pity that he left cause he was the best guitar player in M’head ever.It was another perfect day, but though the day-after saw Lemmy quickly putting up a completely new band, despite its promising start legal and label problems left them waiting with arms at attention for two years.Even if Another Perfect Day was generally overlooked by the contemporary rocker public, eternally it shines like a diamond in the Motörhead catalogue.

    Posted on January 23, 2010