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Another Perfect Day

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  • Easily the best guitarist this band has ever seen and will ever see. He is the only one who brought true depth and quality to the sound of this band by adding bass lines behind tone-deaf Lemmy’s over-cranked bass.

    Solos that are some of the best, most melodic solos recorded in their history. Robertson not only put down some serious deep riffs, he also challenged filthy Phil and Lemmy to perform at their best.

    This album, along with Robertson’s work, never received the recognition it was due. If you take the time to listen to the back-bass lines and solo work, you will appreciate what is Robertson’s career pinnacle. Compare it to the live Hoochie Coochie Man hollow sound and you can see why Robertson became frustrated with the semi-retarded antics of Lemmy and his overall indifference to musical depth and quality.

    This album burns and demands respect due to a serious axeman who I would love to see future work from. As far as overall Motorhead, not much else compares to this album.

    Posted on January 23, 2010