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Anthrax: Anthrology: No Hit Wonders 1985-1991

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  • I prefered they just reissue all of their classic albums remastered, but whatever. You get a lot of their best songs from Among The Living, all the way to Persistence Of Time. Plus it’s more to the point if you’re just looking to get all of the tracks included in this 2 cd set, and everything is remastered. 30 tracks: 7 from Spreading The Disease, 6 from Among The Living, 6 from State Of Euphoria, and 7 from Persistence Of Time. Plus, 2 tracks from the I’m The Man EP, Bring Tha Noize from Attack Of The Killer B’s, and a french version of Antisocial. We all know the onslaught started off with Spreading The Disease, the band’s first album with Joey Belladonna, but they shook things up with Among The Living. Back then, that album was groundbreaking. Then came State Of Euphoria. Many came it was the worst one that came out in the 80’s. Although it was deemed a creative disappointment, the album is highly underrated and shouldn’t be overlooked. Lastly there was Persistence Of Time, which many believed was a return to form for the band. I can’t argue with them, this was easily one of their best ever. Sadly, it was their last with Joey, seeing that the band was going in a different direction and felt they needed somebody else for the job. One thing you notice was that with these albums, the music got heavier and heavier with each album they put out. So if you don’t already own these cd’s, then go ahead and give this 2 disc collection a chance.

    Posted on March 10, 2010