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Antichrist Superstar

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  • When this came out, People were blown away. Parents and Christians began picketing (And still do) his concerts; not realizing that they are only adding to the fuel of the fire. A large portion of what I can say about Antichrist Superstar can be said in Manson’s own Autobiography the Long Hard Road Out of Hell, so instead of repeating what is said in that marvelous book, I shall state how I discovered Marilyn Manson, the meanings, and what I think of Antichrist Superstar.

    I live/grew up on the edge of my town, without cable and very few people around me. Therefore it was quite easy for my parents to shield me from the world. I grew up as a kid with a foggy idea of what was around me so to say. The one thing about my parents was that they were not very religious. I have never gone to church except for weddings and funerals. Heck, I didn’t really find out about the concept of God until fourth grade.(Yet I knew what Christmas was; thank you Public Schools!) I had always heard of Marilyn Manson and when you “hear of” Marilyn Manson, you hear the Rumors of Marilyn Manson. I thought he was a psycho who did things with his ribs. When the whole Columbine thing happened, I was afraid that listening to his music would brainwash me. At the time the only song of his I heard (Still thought was good, but was afraid of listening to it) was the song on the Spawn Soundtrack that has the same title as his book. After a period of time and occasionally hearing a song here and there, (Rock is Dead, Sweet Dreams) I wanted go deeper into what Manson is all about and examined his music and messages carefully. What ended up happening is that Manson is now one of my favorite Artists/bands and I own all of his/their records. Ironic isn’t it?

    The album Antichrist Superstar is a concept album which tells the story of the rise and fall of the Antichrist Superstar. It’s his growing up as a worm; to becoming the man that you fear. It is a view on our society and how it functions. It has the reputation as Manson’s darkest and most industrial album. There are 3 Parts. This is how the story unfolds.

    Part 1: The Heirophant
    Irresponsible hate Anthem: It’s February 14, 1997 (Valentines Day) The Antichrist has risen, but we most go back to the beginning to understand his origins.
    The Beautiful People: The Worm is born into a world where you must look good to succeed in life. (Awesome Video too)
    Dried Up, Tied and Dead to the World: Throughout childhood the Worm has been used by people so that they can succeed and not him.
    Tourniquet: This is the Worms’s love life; every woman has taken advantage of him as well. He tries to create “the perfect woman”, (see the video) but in the end he is her tourniquet and he is back to square 1. (Or so it seems)

    Part 2: Inauguration of the Worm
    Little Horn: Dark clouds begin to gather and The Worm is growing. He tries to save others, but he knows he can’t. On an additional note, Little Horn appears in the Bible in the book of Daniel. He was a man that spoke out against god, it is often interpreted that Little Horn is the Antichrist.
    Cryptorchild: Even though the Worm is weak, his metamorphosis is starting and he will become stronger. (The video for this was banned by the way)
    Deformography: This is where he begins to become a rock star and starts to learn the tricks of the trade. Some people start to look at him as a leader.
    Wormboy: He is just starting to understand what is happening to him.
    Mr. Superstar: A Song that analyzes the way rock stars are seen as gods by their fans. His control over people is growing.
    Angel with the Scabbed Wings: His followers and fanatics are doomed, simply put. He is now inhuman.
    Kinderfeld: The title is Field of Children in German. Technically it’s about Manson’s grandparents. It’s a type of flashback of when the Superstar was a Worm and he is reflecting on all that he has gone through and prepares himself for the final phase.

    Part 3: Disintegrator Rising
    Antichrist Superstar: At this point he tells the people that He didn’t do this to them, it was themselves. He has become the monster.
    1996: It’s an Election year and the new leader is none other than the Antichrist Superstar. This is the peek of his wrath.
    The Minute of Decay: After all the destruction, hardly anything is left and though he might as well go down, he wants to take everyone with him. Surprisingly it’s a slow song.
    The Reflecting God: It turns out that at the end, the only God was himself. This is where the whole be your own god attitude comes from (I think). He gives not himself or anyone forgiveness.
    Man That You Fear: A nice slow song that shows History repeats itself. Any Worm can become the next Man that you Fear.
    Then there are the untitled silent tracks. Track 17 is 9 seconds long, tracks 18-97 are 4 seconds long. And track 98 is 5 seconds long. I have no idea why it’s like that, it just is.
    Track 99: It’s a small electro plea from the Antichrist. Is the he really gone? Lyrics are not given and I had to look them up via the net to understand it.

    I honestly feel that this album is a masterpiece. The only songs that I occasionally skip are Wormboy, Mr. Superstar, and The Minute of Decay. However it may take a few listens to fully understand everything. Very angry, original and has yet to be copied. Manson used to have my fear but now he has my utmost respect. I hoped this helped.

    Posted on December 10, 2009