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Antichrist Superstar

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  • this album is a classic…i’m not a fan of industrial or popular music at all…i hate the stuff, to be honest with you…it’s terrible, trite and repetitive and it’ll more than likely go the way of disco. but this…this is amazing. i’ve never liked marilyn manson’s albums very much either, but this is a bona fide classic. and i love every song on this cd…the lyrics are incredibly clever, and the music is catchy and not radio friendly at the same time…and i want to tell the christians that have reviewed this cd and the teen dabblers alike that not all christians are uptight freaks of nature who think Satan made rock and roll…i’m a christian, i love this album and i listen to hardcore and metal…so everyone can shut up about christians not thinking for themselves and being mindless drones for the church. for starters…catholics are the ones with “The Church” and fundamentalists are the psychopaths who burn records at demonstrations and protest shows…we’re not all soccer mom psychos and we’re not all anal retentive morons, either. SOME of us appreciate good music…so lay off already. the best songs on this album in my opinion are Irresponsible Hate Anthem, Mr. Superstar, Tourniquet [one of my favorite songs, period, actually] and 1996…well…i liked that one more when i was thirteen…but it’s still decent when you’re really in a bad mood. i don’t listen to this that often anymore…but it’s good to know that the album is still amazing nine years after you bought it initially.

    Posted on December 11, 2009