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  • Rather than falling into repetition by rehashing what’s been done before, Eisbrecher has a louder and more aggressive approach for this release, and is much darker in both its lyrical content and its overall ambience. Tracks such as Adrenalin, Antikörper, Entlassen, Phosphor, Kein Mitleid, and Eiskalt Erwischt make this album worthy of being heard by themselves, but that’s only half of it.

    The new sinister electronic mood of the album makes songs like Antikörper and Kein Mitleid powerful and addictive, but it has had the unfortunate side effect of producing a lot of overly dramatic ones as well. The “darker” aspect of this album is both its strong point and its weakness.

    The biggest example of this weakness would have to be Kinder der Nacht (Children of the Night), a truly melodramatic and uninspired piece of work by any standard unless you consider yourself to be a goth. And I am not talking about the good, Rome destroying Goths. I am referring to the “I am the Prince of Sorrow” type of goth. I poke fun at stereotyping goths here because the song is really that bad. If you’re wondering, Kinder der Nacht basically chants on about how “the children of the night” feel that a dark power separates them from life and how it feels like black blood shooting through their veins and that they’re “sealing a pact for all eternity” and… I’m feeling like I should put on some mascara already, so I’m stopping there.

    My point is that some of the songs’ lyrics are ridiculous to the point that I think they’re satirical, but I fear they are not. In either case, it hurts the integrity of the album to have such weak links. If you don’t speak German, however, consider yourself lucky! You’ll be totally oblivious to the lyrics when they’re bad, and enjoy them all the same when they’re good because the album sounds good otherwise.

    I hope Eisbrecher keeps the heavier edge, but I really hope that they won’t slice their own wrists open with it next time.

    Posted on February 19, 2010