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  • “Antikörper”, Eisbrecher’s second album (composed of former Megaherz members Alexx Wesselsky and Noel Pix, as well as the two new members Max and René), presents a completely new and changed sound compared to their debut album. Whereas “Eisbrecher” focused more on a more electronic base with minimal guitars and some drums, “Antikörper” relies on heavy electric guitars with hard (and sometimes) fast riffs. The new sound is more of a balance of instrumental and electronical, and Eisbrecher have done well to keep an equilibrium throughout. Some songs, such as “Vergissmeinnicht” and “Entlassen” resemble their original work, while others, such as “Freisturz” and “Phosphoer” exemplify this new sound unique to “Antikörper”.

    The lyrical content of the songs has also changed quite drastically from the old album to the new one, shifting practically to match the sound. The lyrics just fit: they’re darker words which meet the new, harder and darker sound present in this album.

    It’s a strong album with more metal-industrial roots than the previous one, but Eisbrecher also worked hard to create a masterpiece which doesn’t alienate fans of the original sound. It should appeal to both fans of the band, fans of the genre, and people looking for a great and newer band to listen to.

    Posted on February 20, 2010