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  • I have been awaiting this album with much anticipation, and I am extremely pleased to say that it is everything I had hoped for. This is easily one of the top 3, if not my absolute favorite release for 2006. And, thank you, Eisboys for arranging for a near-simultaneous US release!!! (I wish more bands would do this.)

    If you enjoyed Eisbrecher’s debut, you will love their second offering. Antikörper is more complex, a little more industrial, a bit heavier, with more guitar and darker lyrics. But it’s still very electronic, danceable, and very much Eisbrecher.

    The tracks from the singles (Vergissmeinnicht, Leider, Wie Tief?) are certainly the stars of the show, but the rest of the album shines as well. Interesting, moody instrumental tracks begin and end the album proper. The heavier songs, such as Adrenaline and Phosphor, are heavier (IMO) than anything on Eisbrecher, but there are still some softer ones like Ohne Dich and Kinder der Nacht.

    If you’re not sure yet, go to the band website and listen to some of their samples (under “Media”). And if you don’t yet have their first album, get them both today! Really.

    Posted on February 20, 2010