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  • Oddly enough, when I picked up this album, I expected to be disappointed due to the short number of tracks. But, having played the album all day since, I’ll say thanks to Origin, for limiting this album to just 10 songs…any more would have made would have simply caved my head in. It’s a thermonuclear bomb of brutal technicality because, despite its somewhat condensed size, it packs more than enough of a serious punch.

    Seriously, there isn’t a weak track on here. Not a one. I’m trying to narrow down a couple of songs as exemplars for people to sample, and it’s proving quite a challenge. Regardless, “The Aftermath” immediately sets the mood; absolutely no foreplay, just a sudden, unrelenting crush of exacting riffs, blasting drums, and :36 seconds into the song come the vicious dual screams of the vocalists that I came to know and love on ‘Inhumanitas’. The masterful formula goes on without a pause throughout the album, “Wrath of Vishnu” brings us the insane drumming at its finest, with a break-down that had me screaming in admiration in the car, and “Antithesis”…sweet suffering crap, does that song ever complete an album!

    The only question left is what will our government do to control the proliferation of “Antithesis” and make sure it doesn’t fall into the wrong hands? Replete with references to Dr. Oppenheimer’s famous aphorism after the successful Manhattan Project test (“I am become Death, destroyer of worlds”) ‘Antithesis’ respectfully adopts a nuclear theme by being thermonuclear itself. I can’t wait to listen to this again with “Trinity and Beyond” playing muted in the background.

    Posted on February 28, 2010