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  • I had heard of Origin for years as a fan of progressive and death metal music, but haven’t heard any of their back catalog…so this was my first exposure to Origin. I must say, I am extremely impressed, as well as baffled. How do these guys actually play music this intense, fast, and technical? You’d think they’d all have severe tendonitis by now…

    A very intense, super-agressive brand of technical death metal played at light speed is what to expect from Origin. These guys can play….the speed and complexity of this band borders on ludicrous at times. Very talented players, and oddly addictive and hypnotic despite it’s speed. My theory is that they play so fast that it comes back around and slowly echoes in your eardrums after circling the globe, creating an eerily hypnotic somnambulance despite it’s ferocity. (laughs-what?) This and the latest release from Beneath The Massacre have taken up permanent space on my iPod lately, despite the difference in their approaches. Fans of Suffocation would eat this up, everyone else be warned….you’ve got to appreciate hyper-fast, super-progressive playing bordering on the incomprehensible to enjoy this band.

    Posted on March 1, 2010