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  • …just give this a listen. If you’re one of those people who think metal is nothing but a bunch of hairy guys wailing away on their instruments, this album will change your mind.

    I’m not normally into this kind of technical death metal. There comes a time when the band just starts to focus too much on speed and not enough on originality or soul (I’m looking at you, Braindrill). But Origin are a band who seem to know where to draw the line.

    There’s all kinds of crazy time shifts and ridiculously fast playing all around (even from the bassist!). But there’s also a surprising amount of melody in these songs, which helps the listener to distinguish one from another. The biggest complaint most people have with death metal is how monotonous it is. This is something Origin seem to have worked on, because every song sounds like them, but they don’t all sound exactly the same. There’s not any Between the Buried and Me-esque experimentation, it’s just precise and speedy playing. I think it’s also worth noting that the production is pretty much perfect for this kind of music. The vocals are back far enough in the mix so that they don’t dominate the songs, and every instrument is audible and balanced.

    If you don’t like tech-death, you might be a little wary. But otherwise, this is some quality music.

    Posted on March 1, 2010