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Anywhere But Home (w/ bonus DVD)

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  • ‘Anywhere But Home’ is essentially Evanescence’s debut album, ‘Fallen’, live on stage. Any true fan of Evanescence will enjoy watching this concert, and listening to the audio disk too. By true fan, i mean those who bought ‘Fallen’ for the whole album not just to hear My Immortal, or Bring Me To Life. This DVD shows the bands true colours and shows us just what they are, how the look etc. The bands appearence may shock some as they are a lot more gothis on this DVD.

    As a live performer Amy Lee is brilliant. She is one of the few artists around, performing this stle of music, who can actually sing live. She is exceptionally talented to sit and play the piano and sing at the same time (its very hard….trust me ive tried!).
    The band sound almost like they are taken directly from fallen, they sound near perfect, which for a live recording shows just how good they are.

    This DVD is a must have for and Evanescence fan! It shows you who and what Evanescence are and proves just how talented they are.

    Posted on February 28, 2010